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05.03.2009 Schmidt & Pocher.
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Li’L Mama’s Rules

The author of Caught Up in the Rapture presents a fresh, outspoken novel about the rules of dating, contemporary relationships, and taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions. Jackson captures readers’ hearts with a new heroine who finds her life’s mission in the midst of tragedy and learns how and whom to trust.

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Cities around the globe have become exceedingly multicultural nowadays. You will people from varied races, religions, cultures and other backgrounds all living communally in these cities. Thus it is evident that dating will be influenced by the wide variety of people in these areas and sometimes you will find that you have ended up on a date with a person who is completely different from you in some respects. The very same trend can be seen in dating sites too. If you are a man seeking woman or vice versa, be sure how you are going to handle cross cultural dating.

First and foremost one must always try to be interested in the persons cultural background when on a date. It is highly likely that your date will also not know much about your culture either, so this kind of dating can be quite a learning experience. I found my cross cultural dating partner in a speeddating sandnes site. If you are going to talk about the cultural differences between you and your date then be sure to go easy and be frank about it. I found my Norwegian partner to be snappy, so it is always safe to tread lightly so as not to insult your date. The Norwegian are also a very straightforward lot so you will not find it hard to mix.

Never, ever, force your date to think along the same lines or follow the traditions of your culture. Remember, they have their own book to follow and will not allow adding pages to that book. My Norwegian girlfriend was quite independent and hated it when my mother asked her to wear formal clothes to a picnicshe came in casual top and a pair of jeans! Always keep a good topic of discussion at hand when you will that the cultural discussion is going overboard. You can always switch to your mutual hobbies and interests to lighten up the mood.

Lastly, make sure that your date is not being pressurized by your culture. It is vital that she accepts your behavior as a person and not as the representative of a race! Be nice to her.Remember that as a man seeking woman, you will have to make many considerations while dating a woman from another culture. It is a big world out there with lots of beautiful sandnes singles, a small consideration can make all the difference.

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