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Sometimes when you are dating someone you have rainy days. You have those kinds of days where life just doesn’t quite smile upon you in a way that you would like it to. It doesn’t give you the smooth day that you were looking for. Maybe it is your fault maybe it is your partner’s fault. But it really doesn’t matter whose thought it is, all you need to remember is that sun will shine just around the corner.

We live for the good times in our life, and without the rainy days we wouldn’t appreciate the sunny days quite as much. And when we get the those days there is just nothing better, we love the sunny days with our partners. Maybe we actually go out for a picnic with them, or we just spend the whole day in bed together. Whatever your sunny day maybe it is in fact up to you, and whatever you enjoy to do with your partner, just spend some time together and you will have your sunny day.

You cannot have too many days in the sun though. Metaphorically speaking you will burn all out. You will expect every day to be a sunny day, and there is no possible way that you can do that without at some point burning all up. When you burn all up is the time that you end up with those blustery windy days, that become quite choppy and unsettling. The days where you are not sure that your relationship will continue.

It is true that in the beginning of a relationship, there will be more sunny days than rainy days. However this does not have to be just in the beginning of the relationship. If you make concerted efforts to change your life to incorporate the ability for more sunny days then that is exactly what you will get. Take time out of each other’s day to spend time together and you can even turn what is a bad day into a good one.

Life is very much what you make it. And if you make it so that you only live in the shade of rainclouds that is exactly what you will get. You need to expand and open yourself to the possibility that you may not have as many days with your partner as you thought. So live life to the full and appreciate them.

Larry Elrod is a writer for the Seduction Road Map, a site that teaches men all over the world about how to sleep with women and how to get women in bed.

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