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Compatibility is one of the key factors on which a successful relationship is based. Without this point, relationships are baseless. For a happy and hassle free relation with your companion make a compatibility check on the first hand. A long term connection should only be considered if you have a high level of compatibility and understanding.

Before tying the knot, make sure you are perfect for each other. It doesn’t mean that a personality match won’t call in or involve any problems in the relationship, but then it will definitely bring it down.

Check out some compatibility tests to know more about you and your mate-

oCan they be counted among three of your best friends? Question this to yourself and see whether you can count your companion as one of them. A best friend can be a great spouse and companion for life.

oMissing test. To know whether you guys are marriage material for each other or not make sure you try and analyze your feelings when he/she is not around. Being physically away from your mate will make you realize how important they are in your life. You crave to come back together once they are away. This is a green signal on the compatibility test.

oCheck your beliefs and ideologies with theirs. This is quite acceptable that each individual has their own set of beliefs and principles. In fact this is something that makes them unique from others. But when it comes to dating and long term commitments it is vital for the beliefs to match where life’s major questions are concerned. The more it matches the more your life will be in alignment with theirs.

oCheck the spark. Usually the spark is from the beginning and it does not diminish away. A high level of chemistry and warmth from the first meet can actually do wonders later on.

oAnalyze whether religion is important to you or them. This is usually for people who have a strong belief in faith and religion. Even if it’s not a crucial feature for you try and check what importance it has for your mate.

oSimilar goals are another way for compatibility check. Analyze your goals and check it with theirs where career and family is concerned. For example, they might want kids early and you might not. This can create serious rifts between you and your date.

oMeet a professional matchmaker with your mate. Even if you take several tests and check your compatibility with your companion, it is always advisable to visit a professional for guidelines. He/she will be more accurate in judging the compatibility level among you and your date. An extra set of eyes can many times give a much unbiased view of the situation.

oMental compatibility. Intellectual wavelength should be at par with your mate. Also make sure you are in equilibrium with their personality and sense of humor. This will put another star to your relationship.

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