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The internet allows you to meet people from all over the world. Dating websites let you form relationships with just about anyone. Some websites are intended for certain groups of people, allowing them to meet others like them more than they ever would in real life. Unfortunately, many, including those for disabled dating, are often vulnerable to scams.
Dating sites for the disabled offer all sorts of things to their users. They act as social networking sites for them to meet other people and bond with them. Moreover, they aren’t only for people who are disabled, but also for anyone who might be interested in someone who is. Just one look at the message boards will give you an idea of the diversity.
With all the benefits these sites offer, it’s unfortunate that there’s so much fraud to be found there. They let people meet and talk about their experiences. The stories that start here often lead to wonderful relationships, and in such situations, it doesn’t seem right that anything bad should happen. Sadly, though, we have seen that scams often take place.
A classic example of these swindles is the 419 Nigerian Scam. Various users thought they were speaking with young women from the United States and allowed themselves to be very personal with them, eventually sending away money. However, it was soon revealed that they were being manipulated from Nigeria by people who were not women at all, and they were left with very little remaining in their bank accounts.
Scammers seem to like to target disabled daters in particular. They will pretend to be someone they are not through a fake account created only to lure others in. Many are tricked by the attractive images they post and become victims of the crimes against them, usually as stolen money, but sometimes even through physical attacks and sex crimes.
These days, almost all websites warn against giving personal information to people their users don’t know well or posting it where anybody can see. Many offer tips for spotting a likely scammer and what to do about one. In case somebody is harmed by fraud, there are ways they can usually work with the site in taking legal action against the perpetrator.
Individual scammers aren’t the only problem. Sometimes entire websites are set up to pull money out of people. Some websites claim to be free, only to charge for every service they offer. People without a lot of money are led to believe they can get a lot for a little. Soon enough, they find themselves in very bad situations when they are then surprised with a high bill.
Even if a low-cost website is technically legitimate, it probably doesn’t do a lot of check ups on its users. Those annoying pop up ads with Asian and Eastern European women pull in a lot of men who realize only after spending a lot of money on these beauties that they don’t actually exist. Be smart and don’t let yourself be lied to by such illusions.

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Now I know that most of you reading are not in high school. But the fact of the matter is that most dating tips for women fail to mention the important things you should and should not do while dating. If you have ever wondered why the men you like never seem to stay around for long, and the ones you’re not that keen on just won’t go away no matter how hard you try to put them off, then this dating advice is for you.


Rule # 1: Be interested without being easy.

Even though you may be willing to date any guy who approaches you, you still don’t want to come off as desperate. Before accepting a date from a guy, try to get to know them. Make sure you understand why they are attracted to you at the moment. If you have time, have a brief conversation that will allow each of you to state your intentions.


Rule # 2: Don’t disclose too soon.

When dating, you life story should not be embellished or exaggerated. Try to be honest about your past as well as what you have planned for the future. However, it will be okay to with hold some information for later dates. Remember that he will learn about you as time goes by. More importantly, until you get to know him, you won’t really know what he plans to do with the information he learns about you. Therefore, relax and allow conversation to flow naturally. When the time is right, you will know all that you need to know about one another.


Rule #3: Don’t give mixed signals.

Contrary to popular belief, many women have been told that giving mixed signals will keep a guy interested in you. However, as a courtesy to you, I am able to tell you that this is false. Since men are naturally competitive, they may not like playing games that will require them to be blindfolded. If you like him, admit it. This is the only thing that will keep him interested. Remember that men want to feel wanted; as so do women. Giving mixed signals could potentially ruin the ideal of future dates.


Rule #4: Be secure.

Many women like to rush the dating segment so that they are on to the relationship. This is the wrong thing to do. You want to take the time out to get to know the guy before you jump into a commitment. Being secure with where you are in the dating process is key. You never want to rush a man that is not ready. Allow him to decide if you are the woman for him and vise versa. In the mean time, keep your options open. It is okay to date multiple men at one time. Never make one guy too important before discussing the future of your relationship. Allow things to flow naturally, but always be sure that you are on the same page.


If you look closely, you will realize that these rules are actually not rules. Instead they are tips to remember in order to have a more pleasant dating experience.

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