It is important in this day and age to make sure that Single Christian Washington DC men and women should be hooked up together and not with agnostic or pagan people.  Christians make good matches with other Christians because they know where each other come from, and they want the same things out of life.

Lady Gaga is said not to be a single Christian woman because of the things she does in her videos.  Apparently, her infamous meat outfit fashion statement is not a Kosher Jewish thing to do, so the Jewish guys want nothing to do with her.  And, despite how attractive she is in some of the outfits she wears, it is against God’s rules to see anything sexual about her because that is a sin.

Now, there are several Single Christian Washington DC web sites that help these Godly religious people hook up with each other.  By “hook up”, of course, I mean, “go to church together one day then have a cup of holy water while discussing and agreeing about what everyone learned in Sunday school followed by a very long prayer session”.

For a single Christian man in Washington, D.C., there are plenty of ways to find a date.  There is the wing man service which is essentially lying (using FALSE pretenses to meet a woman), there is the dating service online (which costs money, and money is evil), and there is speed dating.  Speed dating actually really is not that bad because both people know what they are getting into.  They are essentially paying for an exclusive way to message the people privately and for a table with someone who is a Christian like them.

So, if you are a Single Christian Washington DC has every thing you need to find a christian mate.  There are a lot of churches in the city, so any one can find a Catholic, Jewish, or Christian church where they can worship god with other people who want to be with them.  I hope this article helped you to learn how to “hook up” with other singles who worship the same things as you do and want the same ten commandments that you do in life.

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