Some of us have been there and some of us have seen worse. First date disasters come in all sizes and shapes. Some are not our fault, really. Those disasters more often than not stem from our own mistakes or unpreparedness and could have usually been avoided.

For those who encounter the “who the heck is this person, I gotta get out of here” category, the simple solution is to get out. Before the date, have a friend or sibling on standby with instructions to call you when you text to get out. That way, you can fake an ‘emergency’ and get out pronto. If you’re not into this kind of agreement, you can always tell your date straight to his face that this was all a bad mistake – but hey, most of us take the easy way out, so make sure you have a plan B ready, and a plan C for that matter.

For those who encounter the “I’m being a jerk but, my date is really nice” category, there are just some things unavoidable like running into your ex in the same restaurant. But, when you spill your drink all over your date or comment negatively on her dress, you are courting real disaster.

Try avoiding or being prepared for the following:

One of the most tragic first date disasters one could be so unfortunate to experience is to become involved in a motor car accident, especially if it’s your car. Imagine being stuck in such a predicament? Especially if you’ve already decided you can’t stand your date’s company. On the flip side, if you’re dead keen on her, she’ll have no choice but to offer you her sympathy – the strangest things bring people together!

When your date decides to bring a friend or family member to accompany her, this is completely normal, well not completely, but you have to deal with it. It’s for safety reasons since she doesn’t know you that well. This type of scenario is pretty common for first dates resulting from online dating sites hook ups – just to make sure you’re not an axe murder or serial stalker. Chaperones may be the thing of the past but, it’s not when the issue is safety.

The dumbest thing you can ever do is to forget the time and date of your agreed meeting and your date gets stood up. Seldom does a woman forgive this kind of thing. It smacks of carelessness on your part and reflects who you really are. For a great first date, you’ll need to be smart, sharp and on the ball!

Clothes make the first impression count, and a cute smile of course. But have a bit of common sense and pay high detail to your presentation and of course, hygiene. Imagine greeting your date smelling like a dirty sock – “it’s pretty simple guys, no rocket science needed here!”

When you and your date are confronted by an angry wife, and the “cheaters” film crew, the question is why didn’t you research the guy’s background? Free online dating sites have plenty of snakes in the grass, so do a little research on the guy before agreeing to meet in person. Do a simple check on his Facebook page to see if “things” add up.

And before you invite your date to any restaurant or coffee shop, do take the time to ask if she has any special dietary preferences. Do take time to polish up on your table manners – yes, these things definitely matter! And if you both decide to consume liquor, please do hold your own because nothing turns off a date like an excessive drunk.

Be careful what you talk about and steer clear of politics and religion. Avoid making sweeping comments and don’t be judgmental.

Other than that, the ball’s in your court, back to you!!

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