For the past month and a half, I have desperately been trying to convince my twenty three year old bachelor friend to try Speed Jewish Dating Washington DC.  The way I see it, he is not getting any younger; he needs to find a mate to settle down with.  I realize that bringing home a different girl every other night is fun for him, but that is just not a good way to live life.  I have a wife and kids, and my life is very fulfilling this way.  Staying drunk and having uncommitted relations with women who one is not romantically involved with is a very loose, empty way of life.

One reason my friend is scared to try speed dating is because he thinks that he will not find anyone who is interested in him.  Speed dating events are organized and laid-back, unlike the crazy bars where he usually meets women.  Women who attend Jewish speed dating events are in search of a nice young Jewish man to marry and have children with whereas women from bars and Jewish dating sites are only interested in one-night stands, not romantically involved affairs.  I think my bachelor friend has a lot better chances of meeting the right woman if he would just skip the partying and be more serious.

I have read plenty of first hand testimonials from people who have met the loves of their lives at face-to-face speed dating events.  I actually have a cousin who is planning his wedding to a woman he met at a Professionals in the City Jewish Dating Washington DC event last summer.  How many people do you hear say that they met their partner online or at a bar?  I wish my friend would understand that his life will be so much happier if he would just try this once.  I do not see what he has to lose by just giving it one good shot.  Even if he does not meet a potential date the first time, there is always next time.  Besides, he might meet a new friend or two– who knows?

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