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Blind dates nowadays aren’t what they used to be. Online hookup dating is now the new norm, while social networking, mobile phones, instant messaging and texting have produced all sorts of inadvertent results. A lot of different true and bizarre hookup dating stories have happened out there, so let us identify the following changes that technology has brought upon the dating populace.

• No accountability

In the past, a third party sets up the meeting, which created accountability. You can’t be a complete dick to your friend’s coworker’s brother, as this will get back to your friend. Despite years of trying to follow netiquette standards, nobody has figured out how to enforce courtesy or honesty every place you go.

• Photo trade-off

Online dating is a lot like catalog shopping, with all the fantasizing over photos of the product. A lot of people upload fake photos of themselves that will surely have a negative impact once they agreed to meet up with a potential hook up date. This will most certainly lead to unfavorable consequences.

• A shocking lack of effort

This happens because the pool of potential dates is just so large. It may also have to do with the lack of accountability, but the sheer volume of dates and date possibilities leads to undesirable behavior. It’s rather easy for people to dump a date on the beginning of the meet up.

• Casting the social net(working) wide

Facebook, along with its various predecessors, has made it absolutely easy to casually invite anyone and everyone you’re interested in to wherever you’ll be. This can pose unfavorable disadvantages.

• Perpetually connected equates to perpetually available

With smart phones that are capable of calling, texting, sending and receiving emails and even being tracked through GPS, you never have to call it a night.

• All the available tech makes you more stalkable

A creepy date that ended up with you literally escaping his clutches can happen. However, it does not end there. Some can be harassed through text messaging, IMing, Facebook, etc. When this happens, changing accounts and cell phone service might be prudent.

• Committing to an actual, flawed human being sounds more like “settling”

Romantic ideals most certainly came before the Internet, but there’s something about writing down “What I’m Looking For” that makes it official. You’ve put it out there in the world; you’ve intimidated everyone who doesn’t measure up; you may even believe that you couldn’t possibly be happy with a man who makes less than 50 grand or stands short of 6 feet tall. People can experience these very strict criteria-gone-haywire which can really ruin your quest of finding true love.

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Looking at the bright side, there may be a lot of times when adult dating is just pure joy—you can indulge in the excitement and energy of meeting a potential partner. However, there are times when adult dating can be a burden. It can really be discouraging because after going through a lot of people, you should have connected with someone already, right? So how come your relationships don’t last? Or even worse, how come they don’t even get started?

If this is always the case, chances are you may have been sabotaging your opportunities of finding true love without even knowing it. In this article, we shall outline seven ways you could be hindering yourself from your own happiness. If you think you can see yourself in one of these situations, consider doing a little soul searching to find out how to get out of your adult dating rut you’re stuck in, and get back on track of finding Mr. Right.

1. Pride: You are too good for him.

If you have been brought up as a spoiled little princess, you can end up thinking nobody deserves you completely. Before deciding he isn’t worth your precious time at all and assessing his relationship potential, look at possible partners as friends first. If he gets through your friends test, you’ve already passed his dismissal because he’s not that attractive or doesn’t make enough money.

2. Envy: You always think there’s somebody better out there.

What is the reason why you are never satisfied with all the relationships you’ve been in? Perhaps the reason behind this is deep down inside you fear that you are not deserving of your success. What you should rather do is focus on the good things in your life at the moment, and this includes men you might be dating.

3. Sloth: You are not actively looking for guys to date.

More often than not, the lack of self-confidence is the reason why you don’t actively seek out men. To hurdle this obstacle, you need to change your attitude towards dating. If you believe you deserve to be in a happy relationship, you will make it your goal.

4. Gluttony: You are too needy.

You don’t have to make your partner prove his love. Letting guys jump through hoops doesn’t give you the proof you want, but in fact, it will most likely drive them away. Instead, give them the opportunity to try and captivate you. If there’s some sort of mutual attraction, don’t be so quick to find fault.

5. Wrath: You hold on to the anger of a past relationship.

All men are not the same. Being a victim of an unhappy relationship in the past doesn’t mean it will happen again in the future. What you need to do is to learn how to trust a man again—without this, you won’t be able to have a successful relationship.

6. Greed: You love the money and not the man.

You cannot have a successful relationship with a fat bank account. In this regard, men tend to treat you like any other possession, and they can have you replaced just as easily. So, what should you look for in guys? His ability to love, trust, commit, respect and live his life devoted to you.

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As soon as guys are in their twenties, they try to tug at their sexy, alluring gorgeous college friends who seem to have got it all, but they realize that they cannot compete with the ladies’ boyfriends – wealthy, hunky older men who own it all: great cars, luxury villas in the city and anything that the girl could demand.

Vowing to themselves that they’re going to have that kind of life, all these fledgling men do what they can to survive and excel in the vicious world of business only to reach the popularity of the much older men who just about all the younger girls prefer. These fresh older men are desperate to encounter young women dating older men, exactly the same girls they’ve always wanted dating but never did simply because they were not all set to go out along with this type of women.

These sugar daddies are definitely the perfect bachelors. They are in their thirties, living high and tough with their financial autonomy and single guys lifestyles. Maybe it’s time to search for younger ladies dating older guys, don’t you think so?

Undoubtedly, ladies are generally attracted to older men. Whilst older usually means much older, this could also be comparative. Younger ladies dating older men will always seek out maturity and capability. In particular, the capability to make their feminine desires of sunset strolls in a South American shore and love making workouts under the glowing sun of an Asian island. One way of thinking will point out that it won’t make any difference whether the man is the same age group, and what matters is wealth. However, fact tells us that it takes a certain age to be where these guys want to be in life. Once they get to the stage that they may afford to kick back and relish the company of younger girls dating older men, they’re usually older than most of these girls.

Younger ladies are primarily thinking about getting a rich spouse or fiancée. They would like to ensure their future. It takes a year or two of stable commitment, then normally the girl will get just what she worked well for – a very good life with a much older guy that will take care of her. By this time, the girl feels that she gets him underneath her command. She has the much older guy who will be her support, and the man has got the incredibly alluring younger lady who really likes him.

Of course, since she is still who she is, a young girl who wishes to have fun, she awakes herself to discover just what she’s already been lacking. The lady begins seeing her generous sugar daddy’s blessings and gifts. She has her playthings whilst her much older guy looks after her. He is not stupid, he knows what exactly she is up to, but he’s comforted with the particular belief that eventually she’s going to return to the one who gives her all the good stuff in life that ladies her age can only think of.

There will be a time when the older guy gets exasperated with the much younger lover and breaks up with her. Soon enough, the lady realizes that while her older boyfriend couldn’t provide the fun that is typical of her age group, he does offer something which the men her age cannot- security. They eventually reunite, each one proclaiming to have seen the light, and amaze everybody with a wedding. The truth of the matter is, they’ve equally relied on each other, and that they realize that one offers the other with something that pleases each one’s psychological and emotional desires.

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