Considering dating Chinese college girls? Many Chinese college girls these days are quite different to the previous generations. Whereas before Chinese girls expected and accepted that after graduation they would quickly get a job and get married and settle into a stable yet possibly dull life, nowadays there are many Chinese college girls looking for something different, something more.

After living in China for over eight years now, I can say some of the most attractive and open-minded of Chinese girls are the college girls. Having not been greatly restricted by the over bearing Confucian culture yet, they have developed their own mind which is often at odds with their own culture. This makes them an excellent choice for a westerner looking for dating with a Chinese girl or marriage with a Chinese bride!
So, without further ado here are some benefits to marrying or dating a Chinese college girl:
1. Freedom. Unlike the older generation, Chinese college girls are still at a stage in their lives where they are able to make some decisions that could have a large effect on their lives; whereas their older counterparts are quite set in their ways and now with careers, and family/society pressures, have no chance at making a decision such as major as one such as being with a westerner.
2. Adaptability. Chinese college girls are still at an age where their minds are still flexible enough that they will be able to accept a culture and way of thinking very different to their upbringing, which they will definitely have to do if they are going to have a relationship with a westerner and go and live in his home country. Chinese culture has some huge differences in comparison to the majority of western cultures and it would be well to bear this in mind.
3. Attractiveness. Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without talking about the extremely high level of attractiveness most Chinese college girls have. Slim and sexy with hair flowing as a breeze catches it, it has to be said there are few girls in the world as alluring as Chinese college girls! The amazing thing is most are not even aware of their own beauty, and in truth, in China itself, they may be considered ‘unattractive’ and not beautiful by Chinese males, so many would jump at the chance at a relationship with a western male. 
These are only three of the reasons why western men should consider dating Chinese college girls or as a marriage option. In truth, not only can they bring beauty and liveliness into a mans world, but they can also create a great family if you choose the right one.

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First off, let me just say this: If you know or are attracted to a Chinese girl, don’t ask her what she wants you to do in order for her to be attracted to you! One reason, the most obvious one, is after you tell her you are attracted to her she may run for the hills (not always the case though). Another reason is some of the things she will tell you just plain ‘won’t do you any favors’! I will say this though in their favor, you do have a higher chance of some of the things Chinese girls will tell you will attract them, being true, as opposed to a western girl.

Although many Chinese girls will describe their ideal idea of what a man should be, it doesn’t mean that will actually attract them (if a guy they are already in love with does that, then yeah, great, they are happy, but they didn’t fall in love with him because he did those things).

Let’s look at a few winning Chinese dating etiquette tips:

1. Add a touch of romance to any of your dates with her. Personally, I would say flowers would be going too far and may not get the desired result; it could also result in her pulling away, rather than getting closer to you if she hasn’t decided she wants a relationship with you yet. A low-lit restaurant is by far the best choice, if they have candles on the table, so much the better. It’s more than enough romantic effect to be going on.

2. Don’t necessarily assume she would like to choose what to order in a restaurant; honestly I have been on so many dates where asking them to choose some dishes they like fills them with a sense of horror! Often it’s the fear they will choose something you don’t like, even if you explain you really don’t mind, they may still shy away from it. Be a man, and make a decision.

3. At the end of the date, if it’s night-time, make sure you actually take her to her home, or at the very least make sure she gets in a taxi. In view of dating Chinese girls brought up in Asia, they are not nearly so streetwise as western women (even if they have been living in a western country for some time), she won’t really feel safe going home at night alone, even if she says she does.

These are just a few dating Chinese girls tips that will help create attraction, which let’s face it, is what you want to do. Just one word of warning: don’t try to fit dating/attraction techniques that would work with western women onto Chinese women/girls. Most, simply do not work!

All the best, 
Sam Reeves

Sam C Reeves Has lived in Asia for over ten years. If you would like to know more Dating Chinese Girls Tips go to and also FIND OUT secrets every man should know before dating a Chinese woman.


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