Dating expert Marni, tells the women of CTV’s The Social the top dating mistakes women make with men. For more tips go to:

14 Responses to Dating Advice For Women: Top Mistakes You’re Making With Men

  • holly1849 says:

    This guy at school won’t talk to me but stares into my eyes all the
    time.It’s like he gets nervous while doing so.. I assume he likes me? Or
    not? He is cute too(Im cute 😉 ). I would smile at him but only i get super
    shy and i automatically keep my anger face,or more like i try to draw away
    my attention like i show my anger face..Not sure why i do this :S So,i
    sometimes see that he’s getting mixed feelings because he does the same
    “anger face” like i do..Am i doing it wrong to catch the attention of this

  • Lucid Reality says:

    I don’t have to date my best friends, so why would I have to formally date
    a friend if I am just also sexually interested in her?
    Why does it have to be all weird and extra restrictive? Who said that dates
    had to have rules? Or baseball analogies about intercourse for that matter?
    Why does my life partner have to have this weird bubble around her that
    discriminates her as my mate and not my comrade? Meh, society is fucking

  • B. Eder says:

    Three women dumped me in the parking lot of the air port when we on our way
    to Vegas to get married. We were going to Vegas because I was “afraid of
    commitment. ” When they saw I was serious I became a “Pathetic Loser.” They
    would never marry. I dated these women for several years.
    BOTTOM LINE – Women are the ones afraid of commitment! They look for ways
    to blame men!

    A lot of guys say after awhile “why not be a bastard? At least I get sex.” 

  • cmscms123456 says:

    1. Women out number men through all ages, and that accelerates over 40.
    2. ‘Most’ men over 40 have been screwed through divorce, and have no
    interest in women going forward. Im 50, divorced, all my friends in my
    groups are as well and have no interest in dating or woman. We have great
    fun in our hobbies and sports.
    3. Women, be very careful with the men you do date, they will be the
    scammers and the co-dependents… but I guess if your here reading this you
    are co-dependent yourself.
    4. When I feel it, I love disappointing women, the shoe is on the other
    foot now, and I just don’t care about them.

  • pesce canotto says:

    ahhahah to me men are the ones making absurd mistakes during dates….they
    are usually gross…rude..they talk to much…too many words about
    themselves, they’re always on their mobile phones so that they look busy
    looking after their shit and everything but pleaaaase dont do it its
    annoying….just shut up and touch my hand and look me in my
    eyes…….they pay you dinner but then when its time to have sex they
    invite you to come over their place and its dirrrrty, eeeewwww the bed ‘s
    like they never changed blankets, and the house is a meeeeeeesssss ahahhaha
    I know nobody is perfect, I’m not perfect at all myself, but daaaaammmnn
    act like you care a little bit, if you do this looks like you dont even
    care that’s how you blow away the girls interest !!

  • chuck norris says:

    ok lets cut the bullshit, the top mistake women make in dating is “playing
    hard to get”, it shows that youre to stupid and immature for a

  • Sean Morrissey says:

    Some more advice: don’t go on a date with a man and expect him to buy you
    dinner and/or gifts. Most guys want a woman to get to know him for him. Not
    for his assets. And don’t come across as a gold digger or high maintenance.
    Most guys will not pursue you. And just because a guy goes to the gym,
    doesn’t mean he is working out to attract women. They might be there
    because of their health. So yes, if he is put off when you tell him “You’re
    so hot!” he might have a valid reason to do so.

  • Don Borracho says:

    Heeeeeeey!! Is it too late for me to meet Kam???!!!

  • videodeviceexperts says:

    many of these things marni should give credits, much of her stuff is
    borderline plagurism “taking other peoples finding and research” and not
    giving them credit, marni wants people to think this is all her ideas and
    is selfish not to give credit to the sources of her ideas. none of these
    tips work if there is no attraction, and not all women expect men to act in
    this manner, each woman has here oun things she will accept from a man,
    even a shy man is accepted by some women, to say one way fits all is like
    tying to put a square peg in a round hole

  • Michael Harreskov says:

    Wing Girl aka Fat Girl Cock blocker….

  • Pachi Galia says:

    It’s kind of sad that they are trying to give honest advise by being
    dishonest in the first place. I wouldn’t date the older ones because they
    are fat (perhaps obese), and I would have taken this more seriously if
    Marni had said that they needed to make an effort to look more attractive.
    The younger one, I’d say she is a lesbian using the “I’m shy with men BS”.
    Appearing on national TV to say that you are single and looking is not
    something a shy girl would do. She is trying to get someone to convince
    herself hard enough that she should be on a heterosexual relationship.

  • Esinyen Lomosingo Ebenyo says:

    okay understand me iam the man from turkana where oil has been discovered
    you can promise to love me you will never find a man who understand the
    secret of sex and you will never admired any aman apart from me. i know the
    secret sex.

  • B. Eder says:

    Men don’t complain enough. Women get this mistaken assumption men don’t
    suffer. So you get some women with a child and it’s automatically assumed
    some man abandoned her. In reality she refused to marry him because “he
    wasn’t good enough!”

    Often the women is at fault! The girl is afraid of commitment! One of these
    girls I dated – I didn’t “Mistreat her!” We dated for 4 freakin years! We
    were COMPATIBLE! I thought we were in love. Apparently she was just using
    me. Now she can play victim.

    So I relate what happened to me and some D/Bag calls me a loser because of
    what he perceives of reality – and what I say doesn’t fit. So I am supposed
    to “Be a man!” And shut up! And suffer in silence like a bitch! I’m not
    crying about it, but I’m not going to keep quiet either.


  • Robert Dore says:

    For busy: read – I’m filling in the gaps left by a relationship.
    For busy: read – I’m not really interested in you.


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